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Volume 173, fascicolo 1. Study days on venetian glass. Approximately 1700's. Edited by Rosa Barovier and Cristina Tonini.

Il volumeraccoglie le seguenti relazioni:
Rosa Barovier Mentasti and Cristina Tonini, Tools to Study Glass: Inventories, Paintings and Graphic Works of the 17th-18th Century
Paolo Zecchin, Ettore Bigaglia: the Inventory of the Negozio Alla Croce D’oro Dated 1714 April 2nd
Suzanne Higgott, Survey of Venetian and Façon de Venise Enamelled and Gilded Glass Made c. 1500-1550 and Excavated from Reliably Dated Contexts in Great Britain
Audrey Whitty, The Venini Covered Cup, Venice, Second Half of the 16th Century (1550-1599 AD)
Hedvika Sedláčková and Dana Rohanová, From Renaissance to Baroque: Glass in the 2nd Half of the 17th Century in Moravia, Czech Republic
Valeria Mamczynski, «Conservation of Glass Objects in the James Jackson Jarves Collection», an Andrew W. Mellon Research Fellowship at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Giulia Musso, The Glass Museum of Altare and its Activities:the Restoration of Two 17th-18th Century Furnaces
Anna Awad-Konrad, Glassworks Hall in Tirol 1534-1635
Maria João Burnay, Murano Glass at National Palace of Ajuda
Brigitta Maria Kürtösi, Archaeometric Investigation of Medieval Wall Mosaic Fragments of Székesfehérvár, Hungary
Kitty Laméris, Differences Between Early Filigrana Glass and Rosenborg Castle Type Filigrana Glass

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  • Collana: Atti Sc Fisiche
  • Pagine: 151
  • Formato: 15,7x24 cm.
  • Lingua: English
  • Editore: IVSLA
  • ISBN: 2014-2015

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