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Volume 177, fasc.II-III. Study days on venetian glass. Moulding and applying hot glass through the centuries.

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Il volume raccoglie le seguenti note:
Rosa Barovier Mentasti and Cristina Tonini, Venetian Renaissance Vessels: mould decorations and applied Bosses;
Paolo Zecchin, The moulds of the murano Glassmakers;
Marco Verità, Sandro Zecchin and Elena Tesser, The Production of Prunted Beakers in Venice: an archaeometric assessmen;
Olga Ivlieva, Soviet moulding Glass from the collection of the museum of ceramics (Moscow);
Roberta D'adda, The Camillo Brozzoni Glasswork collection now at musei civici di Brescia: a «novel of Industry» Reflective of european models;
Silvia Ferucci, The Renaissance Vessels from Padoa Santa chiara monastery, Problem-Solving during the conservation Treatment;
Andreia Ruivo, António Pires de Matos, Caterina Toso, Cristiano Ferro, Fernando Esperança, Lok Kwan tse, Robert Wiley, From Historical murrine/millefiori Glasses, moulded Glasses and Prunted Glasses to xxI century Glasses Using the Same.

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  • Language: English
  • Publication date: 2018-2019
  • Publisher: IVSLA
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