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Volume 174, fasc. I. Study days on venetian glass. The Birth of the Great Museum: the Glassworks Collections between the Renaissance and the Revival.

Edited by Rosa Barovier Mentasti and Cristina Tonini.
Il volume raccoglie le seguenti note:
Rosella MAMOLI ZORZI, «Foresti» in Venice in the Second Half of the 19th Century: Their Passion for Paintings, Brocades, and Glass
Marco VERITA' and Sandro ZECCHIN, Raw Materials and Glassmaking Technology in Nineteenth-Century Murano Glassworks
Rosa BAROVIER MENTASTI and Cristina TONINI, Some Questions about the Murano Revival
Suzanne HIGGOTT, Edward William Cooke (1811-1880), English Marine Artist, Diarist and Collector: the Formation and Dispersion of His Venetian Glass Collection
Françoise BARBE, Les verres émaillés vénitiens de la Renaissance du musée du Louvre: provenance et collections au xixe siecle
Reino LIEFKES, A Pattern Book of the Venice and Murano Glass Company ltd.
Maria João BURNAY, Murano Glass Industry in the Portuguese Royal House Collection: Rebirth and Splendor.
Rainald FRANZ, The Role of Venetian Glass in the Collection of the Mak Pattern Piece, Collection Highlight and Aesthetic Inspiration
Luisa AMBROSIO, The Glass Collection in the Museo Duca di Martina of Naples Elisa P. SANI, New Light on Venetian Cameo Glass
Maria Cristina GIMENEZ RAURELL, Venetian Glass in Cerralbo Museum

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  • Lingua: English
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2015-2016
  • Editore: IVSLA
  • ISBN: 032926680

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