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Volume 175, fasc. I. Study days on venetian glass. The Origins of Modern Glass Art in Venice and Europe.About 1900.Edited by R. Barovier and C. Tonini

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Il volume raccoglie le seguenti note:
Stefania PORTINARI, A Springtime of the Arts. Venice, 1900s;
Marco VERITÀ and Sandro ZECCHIN,, Industrial and Artistic Glass Production in Murano: Late 19th-Middle 20th Centuries;
Rosa BAROVIER MENTASTI and Cristina TONINI, Venetian Glass between Art Nouveau, Secession and Deco;
Dora THORNTON, A Protestant Historical Relic? A Glass Plate in Dr Williams' Library in London in Its Historical Context;
Maria JOAO BURNAY, Japonism and Art Nouveau in the Glass Collection of the Portuguese Royal House;
Violetta MIKITINA, Late XIX-Early XX Century Venetian Glass from the Collection of the State Ceramics Museum in Kuskovo;
Antònio PIRES DE MATOS, Andreia RUIVO, Robert WILEY, Iridiscence and Colours in Glass Art Nouveau: the Chemistry and Techniques.

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  • Series: Atti Sc Fisiche
  • Pages: 103 p.
  • Size: 15,7x24 cm.
  • Language: English
  • Publication date: 2016-2017
  • Publisher: IVSLA
  • Ref: 03926680

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